New gTLDs – What’s in it for you?


Let me start this article by saying that these here are the most exciting times for anyone associated with the internet. Be it us registrars or you, the end customers, BIG things are happening and we’re going to try and give you a front seat view of history as it unfolds. This is the era of the newgtlds, its the era of choice, an era of opportunities. For anyone who is online or wants to be there, whether you’re a businessman, a lawyer, a photographer, a blogger, here is what’s is in store for you.

Before we reveal the benefits of the new gTLDs for you, we recommend that you first understand what went down to actually bringing this to life.

1] Choice & Competition: Up till the year 2012, the world only had 22 gTLDs to choose from. But thanks to the new gTLD program you will be deciding between 100s of possible gTLDs by the end of year 2014, so much so that you will be spoilt for choice. For example if you run a business in photography you can use .PHOTOGRAPHY, .CAMERA, .PHOTOS etc, the possibilities are just endless. More gTLDs will also foster healthy competition between the registries who will want to push their gTLDs to the end users. In such competitions we have noticed that the True winner has always been the end user.

2] Branding & Marketing: A good domain name is the key to a great online presence. With the new gTLDs you can get really innovative and get a domain name which is short, catchy and easy to remember. This is really going to be a great deal for the branding and marketing of your business. For example, Dominos pizza can now have domain names like www.Dominos.Pizza , www.DominosPizza.Food or even www.DominosPizza.Menu. Again, the choice is yours.

3] Targeting the right audience: Honestly, you want to target the right people online, to let your business flourish. With the new gTLDs you can now generalize your domain name and let the right focus group reach you. For examples, you can get a .PLUMBING domain name for your plumbing business, thus making it easier for the end user to find you.

4] Protecting your brand: With so many gTLDs coming your way, the chances of Cyber squatting are going to manifold drastically. Just so that you know, Cybersquatting is the act of registering a popular Internet address–usually a company name–with the intent of selling it to its rightful owner. –  [Source – Webopedia]. But fortunately ICANN has set up the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), to help brands be aware during the gTLD gold rush. The TMCH is a single database of authenticated registered trademarks, and will inform brands if anyone is trying to register a trademarked domain name during the Sunrise phase. You can get more information about the Sunrise phase here.

So the newgTLDs have set anchor and are here to stay. Though a relatively new concept, it still has the potential to be a game changer. This is a great opportunity for you to grab the best and most relevant domain name for your business. So are you ready to be a part of history, well then go get your domain name TODAY 🙂

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