It’s All about the Name

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What’s in a name – the famous adage hardly applies to world of business. Here it’s all in the name. No surprises, domain names are treated as real estate in the online world and the good ones can fetch you a pretty penny. A domain name bears the brand, showcases it to the world. Even when companies are bought and sold, their domain price itself is a key aspect in their valuation. Internet is filled with entities known as domainers who buy thousands of domains to monetize them. Such is the power of domain names. All this, is to say if you’re a businessman, it would wise to secure your domain name asap and across multiple TLDs (domain extensions). But before we even get to that let’s first look at how to pick out a good domain name for yourself. We’ve made a short list of pointers for you to follow:
  • Short and Sweet: The shorter the domain the better it is. No one wants to type in a freakishly long name in their browser, not only is it annoying, it is difficult to remember. Try and keep it to two words at the max. If the domain you want is not available in the extension of your choice go for the next best option.
  • New gTLDs FTW: In the event the domain your searching for is not available in the extension of your choice, have no fear, for some really amazing new extensions have just released. Not only are these spot on for just about any business need, you are almost guaranteed to find the domain of your choice. Imagine, getting .shoes if you’re into selling shoes or even a .store for your online business – now, won’t that be something! You can check out all the extensions you can choose from here
  • Easy to Spell: We cannot tell you how often we come across sites that are almost impossible to spell. The only way to resolve them is copy paste. These folks can forget getting any type in traffic. What’s worse is such sites are the easiest victims to typo-squatting. Typo-squatting is when someone buys various typos of your domain name. This could eat into a significant amount of your sites traffic which in turn can spell doom. Let this not happen to you, idiot proof your domain if we may say so.
Now that you’ve got it down with getting the right domain name, let’s spend a minute on why is it so damn important!
  • It’s your identity: In the online world the domain is everything, it’s critical to nail this right. It should represent all that your brand stands for. Take examples like, etc. They’re spot on and have become synonymous with online shopping.
  • SEO Juice: The Google Gods decide who stays and who doesn’t. They are the gatekeepers of almost all internet traffic which literally translates to all business. If your domain name is based on what your business is it can do wonders for your organic search rankings.
  • Safeguard your Business: Like we said earlier, you don’t want to worry about lengthy and expensive legal battles to acquire your names. It’s hardly an investment to make sure your name belongs to you. Identify the domains that you need to secure. These could be the popular extensions like .com, .net and .biz. Other than this you can focus on more targeted extensions like .in if you’re targeting India or .shop if you’re an eCommerce store.
There you have it, now you know how to get the perfect domain name and secure your brand online. Better be quick about it, your business depends on it.




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