How to use your domain with Blogger

Blogger which is now Google’s baby is a blog publishing platform which is absolutely free of cost. Unlike WordPress, Blogger does not allow the blogs to be hosted on any other server except their own. But fortunately custom urls are allowed instead of just domain names with But to establish this, you would need to buy a domain name from a service provider and then map it to your blog on blogger.

In this article we would like to give you a step by step procedure on how you can use your domain from BigRock with blogger.

  • We believe you already have a domain name setup if not you can register one here.
  • Once the purchase is complete you will have to login into your Control Panel. Click on the domain name under the List of Orders.  For representation purposes we have used


  • You would then need to click on DNS Management on the right hand side menu and then click on Manage DNS.


  • You will by default be under A Records. Click on Add A Record and leave the Host Name blank and enter in the Destination IPv4 Address. Do not make any changes to the TTL and click on Add Record. 


  • Follow the same procedure and add 3 more A Records with the following Destination Destination IPv4 Address.

  • This is how you’re A Records should look like


  • On the same page click on CNAME Records and then click on Add CNAME record. In the host name type in www and in the value select the second radio button and then enter the value Once the values are entered then click on Add Record


  • Now you will need to login into you Blogger Account and Click on the Blog Name that you will like to setup with your new domain name.


  • You will then need to click on Settings on the left hand side and under settings click on Basic.
  • Under Publishing Click on Add a custom domain. Enter your domain name in the textbox and click on Save.


  • After you click on save Blogger will throw an error like the one you see in the following screenshot. You will need to add the 2 CNAME records provided by Blogger in the BigRock Manage DNS panel.


  • After you have added the CNAME records, it will take approximately 4 to 6 hours for these records to get propagated and after which you can click on save
  • Now you have setup but if someone tries to search for just on the browser will not be able to reach you. For this you will need to create a redirect from to
  • Click on edit next to the domain name under Settings >> Basic. Just check the box which redirects to and then click on Save.


Well you are all set up. It’s time you start building your website. If you need a more flexible do it yourself website builder then you can check out our Website Builder.

You can leave a comment below if have any other questions regarding setup of your domain name with Blogger.

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