Domain Simplified


You can’t be the master of your domain unless you truly understand what a domain is.

Think of a domain as an address on the web —Facebook’s domain is “” and BigRock’s domain is “”. Just like you’d put your home address into your GPS to end up at your house, you’d put “ in your web browser if you’d like to end up on Facebook’s website. That’s it!

Now, we’ll take it one step further. Domains are broken into two parts: a “TLD” or top-level domain, and an “SLD” or second-level domain.

Top-level domain (TLD): things like .com, .org, .net, .edu — the letters that come right after the “.”

Second-level domain (SLD): the name of the website —’s SLD is simply “Facebook” and’s SLD is “Bigrock.”

But then, you ask, what’s a URL? Great question. A URL is the entire address — which includes that “http://” and “www.” that comes before the actual domain name (by the way, that’s: Hypertext Transfer Protocol & World Wide Web).

In simpler terms:



Need a domain? Go here.  

Congratulations, you’re now officially the master of your domain 🙂


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