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Here’s How We Increased Traffic To Our Blog By 263%

We hate traffic except for the ones that lead to a website 😉 and we’re sure that you second this thought too. Our SEO tips have always worked wonders for us in terms of getting traffic and continue to do so even today, but we all want more. So we began our search to find […]

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7 Reasons To Go Online This New Year

2015 has been a roller coaster of a year as far as eCommerce is concerned. We saw a sharp rise in the sheer number of players online. This of-course had a strong effect in the rise of the total transactions and customer behavior online. Indian eComm sector is pegged to grow to almost USD 22 […]

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Boost Sales by Using A/B Testing

Recently, Sony made a simple tweak to its banners that upped online purchases by 20%. When the Guardian used the same technique to optimize its landing pages, the newspaper saw a 46% boost in subscriptions. And nope, neither change involved adding pictures of Scarlett Johansson. The key was A/B testing, a web optimization strategy where […]

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Calls to Action in Under 60 Seconds

Don’t tell your nagging spouse this, but humans love to be told what to do. In fact, the less work that your brain has to do in order to find a solution, the better. When it comes to your ad campaigns, a call to action is vital to converting your audience from viewers to consumers. […]

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10 Open Source CMS for building beautiful eCommerce sites

We found this amazing article on Hongkiat that we thought would be a perfect fit for our audience so we had to chalk it up asap. We’re sure as a web designer you must’ve made hundreds (if not thousands) of eCommerce sites. We’ve curated a fantastic list of 10 Open Source CMS for building beautiful […]

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Quick Guide to Making a Kickass Website

If you’re reading this you’ve already taken the decision to get yourself online and a big high-five to you! Seriously, that’s an amazing decision. Now comes the fun part of making your website awesome. You’re going to have to decide whether you’re designing it yourself or hiring a designer to do this. If you’re thinking […]

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Learn new Skills with these 10 Websites

Being websites are our business, it’s natural that we stumble upon a lot of new awesome websites each day. What do we do with them you ask? We use them, bookmark them and now we’re going to share some of them with you. Today we’re going to share a bundle of 10 websites that will […]

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Power of Forums: A force to reckon with

Over the last couple months we’ve talked about a bunch of topics and we hope that these articles have been of help to you. This time around we will be looking at a different element of Online marketing, something that’s been overlooked by a lot but appreciated by all: Forums. Forums are a powerful media […]

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What the World Would Be Like If Websites Didn’t Exist

We browse through more than hundreds of sites in day for our daily dose of information, entertainment and social interaction. Websites have become an important part of our life and it’s easy to say that we can’t live without it. But have you ever wondered what the world would be like if websites didn’t exist? We lost […]

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What’s CodeGuard?

There’s a huge fan following for time travel movies. Classic movies like Terminator and Back to the Future still get sci-fi fans all revved up. These movies have left an impact on most of us and we only wish that time travel was possible. With advancing technology, a day will come when time travel will […]

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