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Here’s a Website Security Combo You Can’t Beat

There’s no soul in the world that loves to see his website being battered by spam, virus and hackers. All your work, all the time invested and all your plans just crash along with your site. You really need to get the game plan right in order to protect your website. We can help you […]

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How to Safeguard Your Website Like a Vault

You lock your car, right? And your house? And you generally don’t walk down the street waving your open wallet in front of nefarious-looking characters (we hope). So why would you leave your website open to online criminals looking to steal your information and your cash? Putting one of those steering wheel lock-thingies on your […]

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The Poodle has been Pounded

Good guys at Google are back at it. They’ve identified a flaw in the design of SSL v3 and its dubbed the Poodle.  Now, we’re not the ones to take security threats lightly (even if it’s from a Poodle) so we’re going ahead and disabling SSL v3 support on all our offerings in a phased […]

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Protecting your WordPress Website

  Website security has become so important these days that people plan on how to secure a website, even before starting to build one. Cyber attacks are common not only larger websites but even smaller websites and blogs. WordPress sites are no exception to this rule. Owing to its super popular status, wordpress sites have […]

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Update on executable file uploads to Windows server

We would like to inform all BigRock customers that we will be restricting uploads of executable files with certain extensions across all our Windows servers. This step is taken as an additional measure to tighten security over FTP and avoid any malicious executable files damaging other Hosting packages hosted on a server. Henceforth, you will no […]

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Phishing – How did I get phished?

Most of us are fairly cautious when it comes to our online privacy, but there are times when we are caught off-guard. Imagine one day you open your email account and find an email from your bank. Yes, you do get regular emails from them, but this one just seems a little out of place […]

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Got Online and Connected? Stay Safe and Secure!

The Internet offers end number of opportunities to grow, learn, share and explore new things, but at the same time you must remember to keep to keep some things to yourself. It’s important to keep your personal information safe and secure, away from prying eyes. Cyber crime is extremely common these days and a lot […]

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Attack on WordPress Sites, Globally

There is an on-going, highly distributed, worldwide attack on WordPress installations to crack open admin accounts and inject various malicious scripts. This attack is known to be using forged or spoofed IP addresses. There are early indications that hackers are installing malicious scripts on servers hosting WordPress sites that have been compromised in the attack […]

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Why does BigRock use ‘FTPS’?

Our Authored Series space this time features Praveen Umanath, Product Head at BigRock. He’s the one who gives BigRock it’s face, making sure that it’s a smooth running, well-oiled machine sans errors. Read on to know his views on why BigRock uses FTPS instead of Plain FTP. Why doesn’t BigRock support Plain FTP? If I had […]

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Email Spam? No Please!

Woke up this morning and found hundreds of unread mails in your inbox? You curse the person who sent you those emails and miserably begin reading each one.  But hold your horses! Do you know how many out of those are Spam Emails? It’s a common misconception that emails in your ‘Inbox’ folder cannot be […]

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