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Getting Candid with the BigRockers – Vivek Raval

What makes BigRock so special? You might feel that it is the products and services but the truth is, . That’s why we have decided to start a new series of monthly posts where you get to know the BigRockers up close and personal. We are going to ask 10 random personal questions that are going […]

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Q&A with Manish Dalal, Vice President, Verisign

                Manish Dalal is a man who doesn’t need introductions in our industry. We had the privilege of chatting up with him recently and here’s a sneak peek at our conversation. 1. What are your thoughts on the Domain Name market in India? The number of Internet users in India […]

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Your Domain, Your Identity

Just as your name gives your personality an identity, your domain name too gives an identity to your business or website. The domain name you choose for your website becomes synonymous with the content your website hosts. It establishes a theme for the branding of a website before people even visit it for the first time. BigRock’s […]

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Are you a .PRO yet?

Choosing a great domain name for your business or personal website is critical for success in the cyber world. Typical criteria that people use are memorability, word length, multi-lingual acceptance & the domain extensions such as COM, NET etc. Talking about Domain Name extensions, they can be broadly classified into Generic domain extensions such as […]

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Better health for your brand

Dr. Ballani is inundated with frantic patients wondering if their symptoms were of the dreaded swine flu. Mostly, it is to seek advice or be prepared in case of an eventuality. Medical practitioners like him are a busy lot, juggling an entire gamut of activities besides their main practice. Answering a lot of such questions […]

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Add web-presence to your practice!

Every professional intends to go to the next level and growth is the critical piece of the puzzle. But every step towards that goal means investing time and effort towards that goal. The idea would be to promote your business with limited investment and yet, build that enviable credibility and trust among your customers. The […]

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