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The 10 Most Expensive Domain Purchases

You must’ve bought various domains over the years, all ranging within a price range you can afford. But for some of them you’ll have to pay tens or hundreds of dollars in auctions, and for some of them even millions of dollars. Who could know that some three character word would be that expensive? We’re […]

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PHP’s new avatar – PHP 5.3 is here!

PHP 5.3 was released not too long ago and the good news is that many of the features originally planned for PHP 6 have been back-ported to PHP 5.3. Before we go ahead and dive into the technical details, let’s get you acquainted with what PHP is. PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic […]

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Are you a .PRO yet?

Choosing a great domain name for your business or personal website is critical for success in the cyber world. Typical criteria that people use are memorability, word length, multi-lingual acceptance & the domain extensions such as COM, NET etc. Talking about Domain Name extensions, they can be broadly classified into Generic domain extensions such as […]

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Important SSL & Digital Certificate Changes

We took you through what a Digital Certificate means and how SSL works in our last post. Many of you might have noticed the recent changes SSL and Digital Certificates have undergone. And for those who haven’t, fret not; read on to know what those BIG changes are! Over the past month, there’s a pretty […]

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Ten maxims to create a winning stance for your business on social media

BigRock’s General Manager & Business Head, Shashank Mehrotra penned down an interesting article for the July edition of PC Quest magazine. Here are his ten commandments to create a successful social media presence for your business. Read on to know more Ten maxims to create a winning stance for your business on social media Your […]

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BigRock Exclusive – Interview with Nancy Gofus, COO, PIR

BigRock recently caught up with Nancy Gofus, COO, PIR where we asked Nancy a few questions about PIR’s new .ORG campaign and the initiatives PIR is taking to promote .ORG in emerging markets. Read on to know what Nancy had to say. 1. What are your thoughts on the Domain Name market in India? It is […]

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.ORG 2.0

A couple of months ago, BigRock was presented with a challenging and interesting opportunity to increase awareness and change the perception of the .ORG domain extension in India. We decided to take this challenge heads on and with the aid of our quirky characters – Mr. Nambiar and Badshahi inks we were able to achieve […]

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What does ICANN’s New gTLD program mean?

Over the past weeks, the internet has been abuzz with news about ICANN introducing new gTLDs. Wondering who is ICANN and what a gTLD is? Our blog post today will tell you the meaning and relevance of having new gTLDs. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a nonprofit private organization which was conceptualized to oversee […]

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JustDial and BigRock to empower Indian businesses with web solutions

This will consist of a domain name, 15 page website Builder tool, 500 business email accounts and hosting services, to establish and boost their online presence. JustDial, India’s leading local search engine has entered into a strategic partnership with BigRock, India’s leading web presence solutions company, to offer a comprehensive web package for small & […]

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WordPress 3.0.5 Released

Hey guys! There is an update for all the WordPress bloggers.WordPress has just been updated. The latest version is WordPress 3.0.5. The highlight of this new version is that it is extremely strong from a security point of view. This security update is required if you have any untrusted user accounts in your WordPress blog. It also […]

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