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What is CMS Hosting?

Content Management Systems (CMSs) are designed to help you and your communities easily publish, manage and organize a variety of content and create a news-based web portal ( not necessarily news). CMS’s allow end-users (authors) to provide new information to the website in the form of articles. CMS’s have a concept of the workflow for […]

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WordPress 3.5 launches with new UI, Retina support

For someone who has been working with WordPress ever since the 2.x days, each new release is preempted with great anticipation & excitement.  Whilst WP 3.5 was rigorously being tested we eagerly awaited the launch date announcement. Yes, we were that impatient to wait for the stable version to be out in the market. And […]

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What is a Virtual Private Server?

The internet is expanding and everyone wants to have a website of their own. Sharing your bandwidth and disk space with someone may not seem like an appealing idea to folks who are looking to build a high traffic website. The answer lies in our latest product offering – Virtual Private Servers or VPS as […]

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Reseller Hosting – Start your own Hosting Business

When you look to purchase Web Hosting  for your customers, you can either purchase packages individually or you can buy a single Reseller Hosting package and ‘start’ your own Hosting company 🙂 Essentially, Reseller Hosting is selling web hosting to your customers under your own brand name. The hosting, however, is provided by a full-fledged hosting […]

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Linux or Windows – Which Operating System should you opt for? (Part Two)

Choosing the right operating system to host your website is probably the most important decision one has to make. Part One of this blog series spoke about Linux Hosting – what it is and the benefits of opting for Linux. We’ll now take you through what Windows Hosting entails, and then maybe you can tell […]

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Linux or Windows – Which Operating System should you opt for? (Part One)

Figuring out an appropriate operating system on which your website will be hosted is the first major decision while developing your website. Once you’ve selected your OS, choosing a hosting provider is easy.  There’s always some confusion around picking the right operating system for your website – some companies only provide either Linux or Windows. It is […]

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BigRock’s Datacenters – What runs the show?

Ever wondered what goes behind making your business run successfully on the Internet? From where do Hosting companies like BigRock get bandwidth to manage such a large number of Domains and host your Website without creating hiccups? The powerhouse that can manage to carry out these activities seamlessly is known as a Data Center. A […]

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Windows or Linux hosting?

There is one major confusion that is faced by most individuals regarding hosting. They are almost always faced with the dilemma of which option to go with – Linux or Windows? To the common man, all that Linux & Windows stands for is that they are operating software that brings computer screens to life. Here’s […]

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