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Power Your Email Subject Line By Using Emoticons

Have you noticed a lot of Emoji or emoticons being used in the subject lines these days? If you have then you’re not alone. We’re seeing a lot of brands take up this new feature and use it very creatively. Curious, we researched and found out that brands are claiming a higher email open rate. […]

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The Small Business Guide to Google Calendar

It’s a dream as elusive as riding a unicorn, finding the Loch Ness monster, or getting Jon Snow’s perfect hair: finally learning effective time management. Thankfully, with Google Apps for Business, its awesome new Calendar will help you make your dreams come true. (The time management one. The other three are literally impossible.) Calendar has similar […]

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How to Use Images in Email Campaigns

Unless you’re a “Nigerian prince” begging for cash until his “bank account” gets “unfrozen” and he can “pay you back,” there’s no reason your emails should look like spam. Unfortunately, when you leave out images in favor of all text emails, your newsletters can seem more low-rent than professional communication. According to a recent study […]

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Communicate Better

While Crows and Pigeons were an acceptable communication medium, they simply cannot make the cut in today’s day and age. Below is an awesome video which tells you why you need to get your own branded email and how you can get one. We bet you’ll be convinced by the end of it 🙂 So what […]

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Every Business needs a Branded Email Address

We are writing this article to reiterate the importance of having a branded email which in today’s world has become more of a necessity than a choice. Lots of businesses today continue to use as their email id and this will most likely always do more harm than good to your business. Here are […]

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We took the Beta out of our Business Email

At BigRock, our primary goal has always been to become a one stop shop for all your website needs. We take pride in all the new products that we launch as they are built keeping our customers’ needs in mind. Today, is the dawn of our all new Business Email without the ‘Beta’ tag. That’s […]

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Startups – What they have to offer and how BigRock helps power them

Buying a great T-shirt online or even movie tickets – the Internet is influencing a lot of our purchasing behavior these days. Most of us look for reviews, offers etc online, before we buy a product. Now is the generation of E-entrepreneurs – Starting business online is not only easy but even cost effective and […]

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Check Your Email On The Go (Part Five)

Our final part of this series shows you how to configure BigRock hosted email on your Windows 8 Phones. Read on to know how 🙂 1. Swipe left to view the Apps list. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Tap Email + Accounts. 4. Tap Add an Account. 5. Tap Advanced Setup 6. Enter your Email address […]

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Check Your Email On The Go (Part Four)

You now know how to configure your BigRock hosted email on Android, iPhone and iPads. Read on to know how to configure your email on BlackBerry phones 🙂 Please note that these screenshots are from Blackberry 9800 3G running OS version These instructions slightly vary on different models and OS versions. However, the server […]

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Check Your Email On The Go (Part Three)

Part One and Two showed you how to configure your BigRock hosted email on your Android and iPhone. Read on to know how to configure your email on your iPad 🙂 1. Tap Settings on your iPad home screen. If you have installed additional apps from Apple’s App Store, this button may be located on […]

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