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A brief history of gTLDs as we know it

Behind a successful phenomenon there always lies a great deal of history. The internet too has had it’s share. There are many things that have made it a success and one of the most important aspects is the gTLDs. From the year 1985, it has set the wheel of the internet spinning ahead and given […]

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New gTLDs – What’s in it for you?

Let me start this article by saying that these here are the most exciting times for anyone associated with the internet. Be it us registrars or you, the end customers, BIG things are happening and we’re going to try and give you a front seat view of history as it unfolds. . For anyone who is […]

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New gTLDs for Dummies

With new gTLDs like .GURU, .SHOES, .TIPS and many more entering the market almost every week, the domain name ecosystem just got super exciting. It’s time to say goodbye to the days when finding the exact domain of your choice was as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Now you can choose between […]

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How to use your domain with Blogger

Blogger which is now Google’s baby is a blog publishing platform which is absolutely free of cost. Unlike WordPress, Blogger does not allow the blogs to be hosted on any other server except their own. But fortunately custom urls are allowed instead of just domain names with But to establish this, you would need […]

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Understanding new gTLDS

The news around the launch of hundreds of domain extensions in the coming year can be overwhelming and confusing. While this is a great movement that could change the internet ecosystem, let’s take a step back and understand what new gTLDs are. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for the […]

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BigRock’s new addition: Auto-Updating Nameservers

You must have heard this a zillion times already “Change is the only constant”, and at BigRock, we love it. Working in such an environment is super fun, where ideas keep flowing and current situations are challenged for a better outcome. Even when we look at our products, the primary focus for any change is […]

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Startups – What they have to offer and how BigRock helps power them

Buying a great T-shirt online or even movie tickets – the Internet is influencing a lot of our purchasing behavior these days. Most of us look for reviews, offers etc online, before we buy a product. Now is the generation of E-entrepreneurs – Starting business online is not only easy but even cost effective and […]

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How Important is Server Location For Your Business?

Deciding where your web hosting server is located is an important factor which often gets left out during your website purchase decision. The location of the server can be interpreted by search engines like Google as a strong signal that a page or website is relevant to the country where it is located, for example […]

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If it’s not a .COM, it’s got to be a .NET!

Being on the internet has become increasingly important for someone who has a business or thinks of owning one. The Internet opens up a new world for start-ups, savvy businessman or smart entrepreneurs, who want to capitalize on the opportunity to spread their business globally. Choosing an apt domain name for your business is rather […]

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.BIZ – When you are proud of your business!

Whether you own a 10-man shop or a 300-man factory, you’ve got to be proud of your business! You are your own boss and are in charge of your own destiny. It takes a lot to become a successful entrepreneur, and .BIZ aims at helping you do just that! We, at BigRock, are proud of […]

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