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The Domain Premier League is Here!

  Cricket Fever gets even hotter this Summer! We’ve just announced the Domain Premier League – a unique contest where you can get the chance to purchase the TLDs participating in the ‘Match of the Day’ at a BIG 20% discount! The DPL has a schedule for eight leading Top-Level Domains that compete with each […]

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Why is Domain Privacy Protect Worth Your Money

Every-time a domain is registered, you enter your contact information including address & telephone number. This information then becomes public and can be visible to anyone simply performing a WHOIS check. Spammers and telemarketers then have a field day with this valuable information and you are left with unwanted and unsolicited calls and emails. Moreover, […]

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6 Kickass Domain Name Ideas For Your Next Business Venture

Anyone who has dealt with domains will agree to the fact that it’s all about the name. There is no greater joy than finding, that the name you wanted is available. But what happens when you’re introduced to 100+ new gTLDs? Well the answer to this is quite simple, your chances of getting your dream […]

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.Online Obliterates All New gTLD Records!

If you’ve ever purchased a domain then you know that the name space is depleting, and fast. This led to the introduction of new gTLDs to offer more choices to the customer. Among many to go live in the last 1 year was .Online, a truly generic domain extension. Going live last week, the .Online […]

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Domain Simplified

You can’t be the master of your domain unless you truly understand what a domain is. Think of a domain as an address on the web —Facebook’s domain is “” and BigRock’s domain is “”. Just like you’d put your home address into your GPS to end up at your house, you’d put “” in your […]

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It’s All about the Name

What’s in a name – the famous adage hardly applies to world of business. Here it’s all in the name. No surprises, domain names are treated as real estate in the online world and the good ones can fetch you a pretty penny. A domain name bears the brand, showcases it to the world. Even […]

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The World of gTLDs – Infographic

With more than 150,000,000 gTLDS registered and still counting, the domain name industry just never ceases to amaze. The inception of the new gTLDs has added fuel to this growing industry and most importantly given more choice to you. It’s time you enter the world of gTLDs and . You may also like: New gTLDs for Dummies […]

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Domain Privacy Protect service- The choice is now yours!

The Domain Privacy Protection service ensures that contact information associated with your domain name is not visible publicly. It does this by replacing all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information, as shown in the screenshot below: Without Privacy Protection for your domain name, your contact information is public and visible to anyone […]

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What makes .CO the best choice for Startups & Entrepreneurs?

In a sentence, its the dedication, the innovations and the amazing Membership Program that sets .CO apart from all other TLDs If you’ve read our previous article on .CO – you’ll know that these folks LOVE startups. They’re amazingly dedicated to help entrepreneurs grow and evolve. The .CO Membership program is a testament to their […]

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.CO HEARTS Startups

Not every day do you find a TLD so focused on helping start-ups, it actually focuses everything towards that goal. In the sea of TLDs, .CO is one such gem. Calling itself a “COmmunity” than just another TLD, we’d have to say it’s exactly that. A beautiful 2 letter TLD that’s as awesome as it […]

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