5 Things We Can Learn from Engadget.com about Blogging


One the best tech blogs in the world did not happen by accident. It took time, hard work and focus. Most of all, it took commitment. We looked long and hard and came up with a list of 5 things we can learn from this behemoth.

1. Identify Your Niche: The blog is precise, you will not see anything that doesn’t belong or just because its popular or trending. If something doesn’t fit, don’t waste your time, move on.
2. Be Consistent: Post regularly, if you can’t find something to write about, look harder. Use tools like Google Trends, competitors, to think of topics to cover.
3. UX Matters: Let’s face it, a shabby looking blog is never going to succeed. Its not only difficult to navigate, it portrays a lack of interest in the initiative. If you’re not serious about your blog don’t expect your visitors to be either.
4. Make Sharing Easy: In today’s time, it’s criminal to not use social media in your promotions. . If you’ve got great content that is share worthy, integrate social media plugins to make it easy for your readers to share it. Choose, social networks depending on the vertical you’re into. A fashion blog will perhaps do better with Pinterest. Not to say, Facebook and Twitter should be used less, but understanding your audiences social behavior is important.
5. Ride the Wave: A part of churning good content is to be on top of breaking news. Your aim at any point should be to break a news. If you can manage to do this consistently, you’ll soon be invited to events to cover events as they break (Think Apple launch events)

6 (Bonus) Feature Famous Authors: Sure, this will be difficult to begin with but there’s no harm in trying. Featuring famous guests to write on your blog is a sure-fire way to get attention.


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