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Why is Domain Privacy Protect Worth Your Money

Every-time a domain is registered, you enter your contact information including address & telephone number. This information then becomes public and can be visible to anyone simply performing a WHOIS check. Spammers and telemarketers then have a field day with this valuable information and you are left with unwanted and unsolicited calls and emails. Moreover, […]

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.Online Obliterates All New gTLD Records!

If you’ve ever purchased a domain then you know that the name space is depleting, and fast. This led to the introduction of new gTLDs to offer more choices to the customer. Among many to go live in the last 1 year was .Online, a truly generic domain extension. Going live last week, the .Online […]

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10 Open Source CMS for building beautiful eCommerce sites

We found this amazing article on Hongkiat that we thought would be a perfect fit for our audience so we had to chalk it up asap. We’re sure as a web designer you must’ve made hundreds (if not thousands) of eCommerce sites. We’ve curated a fantastic list of 10 Open Source CMS for building beautiful […]

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5 Things We Can Learn from Engadget.com about Blogging

  One the best tech blogs in the world did not happen by accident. It took time, hard work and focus. Most of all, it took commitment. We looked long and hard and came up with a list of 5 things we can learn from this behemoth. 1. Identify Your Niche: The blog is precise, […]

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Word-Up Delhi – The Day That Was

Fresh out of the awesomeness of Delhi, the team is pumped for more. Bangalore, here we come! But before we get to Bangalore, let’s recap the day that was, July 11th, 2015, Word-Up Delhi. A day filled with insane energy that’s akin to Delhi. Let’s relive the epic day speaker by speaker. It would be […]

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Saving Private WHOIS

If you’re like one of us, you value your privacy. If you’re an E-Entrepreneur, you Seriously value your domain name. Both these invaluable commodities are now on threat – ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is considering altering rules around Privacy/Proxy services such that anyone can get access to your personal information […]

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Quick Guide to Making a Kickass Website

If you’re reading this you’ve already taken the decision to get yourself online and a big high-five to you! Seriously, that’s an amazing decision. Now comes the fun part of making your website awesome. You’re going to have to decide whether you’re designing it yourself or hiring a designer to do this. If you’re thinking […]

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It’s All about the Name

What’s in a name – the famous adage hardly applies to world of business. Here it’s all in the name. No surprises, domain names are treated as real estate in the online world and the good ones can fetch you a pretty penny. A domain name bears the brand, showcases it to the world. Even […]

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Weapons of Mass Communication

A common quote goes, “Without communication there is no relationship.” – this is true in personal relations and more so when it comes to running a business. Sure, a business is built on the basis of a great product, but it cannot survive with just that. Everything achieved post that is by keeping an active […]

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How to stay Popular on Social Media

Social Media is a noisy place and the chatter has been at its all time high. Everyone likes a ton of pages or is following a truck load of brands/people on twitter. So given the scenario how do you get to be popular on social media? how do you make sure that when you talk people […]

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