Rules of Landing Page Optimization

Effective landing pages are a crucial element in converting traffic coming to your websites from all the various marketing activities that you may undertake.

Here are some vital rules to landing page optimization that can increase your conversion rates.

1.    Goal – Identify your goal when you create a landing page. Do you want people to make a purchase, fill out a form, or call you on the phone? This goal should be clearly defined and everything on that landing page should work to accomplish that goal.

2.    Headline – The headline of your landing page needs to be short and precise.

3.    Concise Copy – There is only one rule to this:  use the fewest words necessary to get your point across.

4.    Call-to-Action – What do you want a visitor to do on your landing page? This call-to-action should be crystal clear.

5.   Provide Options – If you need a form to be filled identify the mandatory questions and leave out the rest. If you don’t want to necessarily mandate that your visitors fill out a form. Give them options. Place your phone number in prominent locations on the landing page so they can call you, if they prefer.

6.   Testing – A/B test every element of your landing pages. Place phone numbers in difference locations. Change and tweak specific form fields. Change content and headlines. Test and refine.

7.   Provide ‘Retreat’ Offers – If someone doesn’t want to make a purchase on your landing page, for example, give them the option to demo the product when they leave or a coupon

Now that you know what to look for, compare your current landing page to these vital rules. How often are you hitting all seven?

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