How interesting is your Website?

One of your prime focus while create a website is make sure that it is sticky. Sticky means to create content, tools, experience that makes your website more interesting and enables visitors to spend a longer time on it. A sticky site helps get more viral traffic and generate social media buzz.

What is a Sticky Site?

You need to ask yourself, what can I add to my site that would make it stick out from all the other sites in its vertical. Remember your aim should be to have the best site in your niche, as this will win in the long term.

Tools & Widgets

Create simple scripts for very little expense, such as a BMI calculator if you’re in the weight loss niche, or anything that someone in the niche would find helpful, and most likely bookmark your site to come back to

Comparison Tables & Lists

Proper well done comparison tables are quite interesting and can get people not only hanging around on the page, but also linking to it. This can be comparing features of multiple products and their prices, but just make sure the information is accurate, don’t guess it. You could also have a table with latest figures, for example a site on precious metals could have a chart on latest spot prices.

White Papers

Take the time to write a really informative PDF on a topic in your niche. Make sure you put enough research and create organic content. This can be a great tool, people will hang around to read it and also share it with others.

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