DesignXchange – The New MarketPlace on the Internet!

Finding a designer who can suit your needs and work on your website the way you want him/her to, is tough. A superior website design specialist can significantly increase the performance of your website by adding a new dimension to your business.

BigRock brings to you, a first-of-its-kind marketplace – DesignXchange, a platform where clients and web designers meet and do business online.

How does DesignXchange work?

If you are an existing BigRock Affiliate, signing up for DesignXchange cannot get easier.  DesignXchange lists all the Affiliates who are Website Designers on the DesignXchange page along with links to their portfolios. On signing up for DesignXchange, you’ll need to build your portfolio with screenshots of your website so that potential clients can browse through your work.

As a customer looking for website design, you have the freedom to browse through the DesignXchange marketplace, search for a designer who matches your requirement and get in touch with him or her. Customers can select a designer based on city and the approximate budget for web design. We encourage our customers to browse through our design listings and give us feedback on how we can improve the DesignXchange.

If you are a Web Designer, worry not! Signing up for DesignXchange is absolutely free, and you won’t be charged even a penny for the leads generated. In fact, once you buy hosting for your customer from BigRock, you can also earn commissions from BigRock. Free Leads + Hosting commissions= Best ever deal for our web design partners 🙂

DesignXchange is Different!

As a client, you’ll get the best designers from all over the country to choose from at rates which will suit your pocket. Also, clients don’t need to sign up for the DesignXchange program. Visit the DesignXchange tab on the BigRock site and get started with browsing for an appropriate designer.

Also, an inside news – BigRock will be marketing DesignXchange as a separate entity, which means that along with promoting its various products, DesignXchange will be given special visibility.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for DesignXchange and get paid for getting into business!

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