Smashing Halloween Icon Set (Free Download)

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got a small treat for all our designer folks. We’re talking about a very special Halloween Icon set created by Manuela Langella. This icon is under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license and is free to be used for private and commercial use. We’ve actually played […]

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6 Kickass Domain Name Ideas For Your Next Business Venture

Anyone who has dealt with domains will agree to the fact that it’s all about the name. There is no greater joy than finding, that the name you wanted is available. But what happens when you’re introduced to 100+ new gTLDs? Well the answer to this is quite simple, your chances of getting your dream […]

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Why Failing Is Good for Your Business

An epic fail is only a bad thing if you’re making a skateboarding video for the Internet (and even then, your wipeout is way more likely to go viral). In business, failing is one of the best ways to learn, grow, and thrive. Here’s why failure could be your key to success. 1. It leads […]

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How to Safeguard Your Website Like a Vault

You lock your car, right? And your house? And you generally don’t walk down the street waving your open wallet in front of nefarious-looking characters (we hope). So why would you leave your website open to online criminals looking to steal your information and your cash? Putting one of those steering wheel lock-thingies on your […]

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Calls to Action in Under 60 Seconds

Don’t tell your nagging spouse this, but humans love to be told what to do. In fact, the less work that your brain has to do in order to find a solution, the better. When it comes to your ad campaigns, a call to action is vital to converting your audience from viewers to consumers. […]

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Forever an engineer?

In journalism, one rarely stops writing, even as the editor of a publication. But one cannot say the same for an engineer who goes on to assume managerial positions. Yet, as someone said, you can take the engineer out of engineering, but you cannot take the engineering out of the engineer! Read more…

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Make Use of This Entrepreneurial Super Power

Superman can fly. Batman has his gadgets. Ant-Man is… um… really small? All superheroes have a special power that makes them great. As a business owner, you have one too. And it’s one you may not have noticed: your confidence. To start your company, you had to be willing to push your boundaries and step […]

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Setup Twitter For Your Business In Less Than 2 Minutes

What’s the next big social networking site after Facebook? With over 316 million active users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter definitely takes that spot. With so much activity happening every second, most businesses consider this as a great network to interact with their audience. But there are some businesses that have still […]

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.Online Obliterates All New gTLD Records!

If you’ve ever purchased a domain then you know that the name space is depleting, and fast. This led to the introduction of new gTLDs to offer more choices to the customer. Among many to go live in the last 1 year was .Online, a truly generic domain extension. Going live last week, the .Online […]

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Give us 60 Seconds and We’ll Help You Grow Your Business

Here’s a quick video from Diib CEO Daniel Urmann on how to grow your business right now.

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